GRANALLADORAS ROCA provides custom­made continuous and discontinuous (Batch system) shot blasting machines for the blasting and scaling of matellic wire.

The continuous machines are appropiate for the shot blasting of wire, rods and bars at a high speed (150mts/minute), depending on the number and power of the turbines, which is determined by the type and size of the materials and the production requirements.

Batch machines are able to blast wire rolls of 3000 kg (unit weight) at a time, on a cycle process variation of 7 to 20 minutes, depending on the wire diameter and the type of steel.

These discontinuous machines are provided with one or two loading accesses. Double loading access machines are more efficient timewise since, at the same time a roll is being shot blasted inside the machine, another roll can be loaded at the other loading access.

These machines use centrifugal turbines for the shot blasting. The number and power of them is determined by the production range desired, the material of the wire, and the size of the machine.