We supply Spare Parts both for GRANALLADORAS ROCA ́s machines and equipment as well as for other brands (argentinian and also foreign brands) in order to meet our customers needs.

We have in stock the spare parts that are crucial for machines in market today, to face possible emergencies and/or unexpected necessities.

The range of Spare Parts offered is the following:

- Cast Spare Parts

In special anti­wear out casting as well as in carbon steel casting for the areas where there is no direct exposure to the abrasive.

- Mechanized Spare Parts

Manufatured at our machanizing workshop, with the highest quality standards.

- Special Parts for Replacement

Due to our large experience designig and manufacturing shot blasting equipment and turbines, GRANALLADORAS ROCA develops all kinds of replacement or spare parts for domestic and international equipment.

We also develop and manufacture spare parts for any kind of mechanical equipment according to drawing or technical specifications.

- Complete Parts of Machines

We manufacture complete parts of machines to substitute the worn out original ones or to improve designs.These parts are tailor­made for each machine.