20121116_142657Pressure Fed Airblast Cabinets are used to perform sand blasting and shot blasting treatements inside a closed cabinet without external pollution.

These pressure fed airblast models are designed to work with heavy abrasives like steel shot or stainless stell shot, but they are also suitable for glass beads and aluminium oxide.

The flow of abrasive is propelled by a ̈venturi ̈ design nozzle, which providesthe machine both the fastest speed of the abrasive and the best efficiency in the process.

These machines are integrally designed which makes them smaller than previous models but mantaining a strong structure (that makes them resistant enought to bear the blasting of pieces of all kinds) with an internal anti­abrasive rubber coating.

In addition, a built­in hoover with a high performance fan allows enough air extraction to obtain an optimun visibility.