GRANALLADORAS ROCA designs and manufactures mobile shot/sand blasting machines and abrasive cleanin equipment.

We offer different variations of Portable Equipment.Closed­circuit machines expell and recover the abrasive at the same time in any position for its cleaning and separation. This system avoids loosing time in manual abrasive recovery.

Besides, these machines do not pollute the environment since they do not produce any of the usual emissions of the process. This is the reason why, closed­circuit shot blasting machines can even be used in closed facilities without any risk for workers.

In contrast to chemical scaling, wet shot blasting and high pressure hydrowash, Portable Shot Blasting machines remove, clean and texturize simultaneously, leaving a clean, dry surface ready to be painted (avoiding drying times).

GRANALLADORAS ROCA also provides a large variety of Portable Equipment for construction work which have abrasive recovery systems, dust collector, abrasive cleaners with or without shot elevators.