granalladora de GNC y GLP At GRANALLADORAS ROCA we offer a wide range of shot blasting machines for Gas, CNG, LPG and liquified gas tanks.

The wide range of equipment available is divides in three types:

­Discontinuous Batch type machines: for small to medium productions, highly versatile, which makes them very useful at requalification plants.

­Continuous Machines with horizontal conveyor for continuous and automatic large­range productions.CIL 2040 c (3)

Continuous Machinse with aerial conveyor with the same capacity as the continuous machine with horizontal conveyor but with the advantage that they can be attached to the production line conveyor reducing loading/unloading times.

In all cases, the shot blasting is performed by one or more centrifugal turbines, each of which have specific power for the production range of each customer. These machines can be inserted in the production line of new tanks as wel as in those of reclassification and painting. They are suitable for their use in high range production lines.