On the Handg type Machines, as its name indicates, the pieces are hung in a hook, for the exposure to the shot blasts.

In these type of machines, different kinds of pieces can be treated, such as small and fragile ones (that cannot be tumbled), or pieces that because of theis complexity, size and/or weight could not be processed in Bulk Loading machines.

There are different types of Hang type Machines:

­Cabinet Machine: the same door for loading and unloading and several rail positions for the hooks support.

­Tunnel Machine: the pieces are hung on a hook and transported through the machine. This allows big productions as the time of loading/unloading is reduced considerably if compared to the discountinuous hang type machines. The Tunnel type machines, can have a continuous or semi-continuous course (the hook stops at the turbine during the exposure to the shot blast). They can be set in a production line using the existing conveyor.

In all cases, the shot can be blasted by one or more centrifugal turbines placed in the appropiate way in order to cover the entire loading cylinder.

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